The absolute BEST way to increase sales!

Sometimes those of us in the sign industry struggle with lagging sales. This is a truth no matter what type of sign business you own and there are few things that can easily solve the problem… but there is one (and it’s practically free)!

Think for a few minutes about your customers. I’m sure you have a wide variety of industries, personality types and purchasing habits represented here. Joe might be coming to you to get his trucks lettered for the 18th time or Susan might be opening her third store and needs just your
brand of design skills. There is a site sign install scheduled for Friday and there are 14 banners going out to 8 different clients due by next Monday. Yes, there is definitely variety in the sign company but, hey, that’s why we love it right?

Alright, here’s the good stuff… everyone of those examples has one thing in common.

  1. They all come to you for their sign / graphics needs
  2. They rely on your ability to provide a valuable and beneficial product
  3. They trust your judgement
  4. They are a willing audience

So, how can we leverage these personal relationships and INCREASE those sales? It’s real simple… Ask. It is a know fact that it is much easier to sell to existing clients than constantly look for new ones. Read on…

Think about it, when was the last time you went out your way to contact your clients? What kind of results could you get if you took advantage of those contacts to send out a personal message to each one of them letting them know about the latest cool sign project you completed? How would you contact them… phone, fax, e-mail, direct mail?

This is the challenge… send us an e-mail with your craziest ideas, no holds barred, stretch the mind and “think outside the box” concepts. As the ideas come in we will look them over and compile a top 10 list (with proper acknowledgments of course) of the ideas we like the most. The list will be posted for the benefit of all.