Signs sold through networking

Do you realize that most of your profitable customers, best associates, and most consistent advocates of your sign business come from your personal network?

Think about it…

Who are the people who most often tell their friends about the cool wrap you did for their new truck.

Who constantly tells the story of the time you came thru with a last minute banner that brought in thousands of dollars during a weekend sales blowout?

How did you find and hire your longest and most reliable employees?

Chances are, all of these things happened through the direct intervention of your personal network of friends, family and business associates.

So, if all of these good things can happen due to your personal network, why are you not building it even further? I know, I know,… you are too busy, there is too much work going on, you have to quote this project or build that sign. There are 20 designs that still need to be done…

Of course, here’s the rub… those situations came about as you actively built your network and those situations WILL dissipate as your networks begin to feel neglected or mistreated.

So what do you do? If you wish to continue a good thriving sign business, you will devote some time to continue building your networks. Here are some suggestions…

  1. Join a networking group: These are groups that are dedicated specifically to the idea that businesses grow when connected with each other. I personally use BNI but there are other types available.
  2. Join a local Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanas, Rotary etc.
  3. Set aside a time, every week, to invite someone to breakfast or lunch. Use the time to catch up or get to know a new person. Talk, share build relationships and focus your attentions on how you can help them.

By taking the time, on a consistent basis, to expand your circle or friends and contacts you will provide yourself with an every growing group of people that help you grow your sign business.