The Wooden MDO (multi density overlay) sign is a very common sign company product used for site signs, heavy duty exterior displays and main organization signs for long term exterior life.

The many benefits of the MDO (wood) sign include an excellent exterior life (assuming the substrate is properly primed / painted / sealed) as well as being easy to machine with standard wood-working tools. In addition, a well made wood sign is a great heavy duty material which resists weather, sun and vandals while providing a greater sense of permanence to the client’s organization.

Calculator Assumptions for Wood/MDO Signs:

  1. 1/2” thick material (substrate)
  2. Calendared vinyl graphics (3-5 year exterior life)
  3. Small quantities (1-20) hand manufactured
  4. Does NOT include any additional design / artwork which should be factored in as a value added service from a sign professional

 This free online sign calculator is intended for reference purposes only.  All professional sign businesses have varying overhead, material & labor costs and should adjust their pricing to account for local market factors as well as perceived value.  We advise that all sign companies consider their own particular costs as well as desired profits before determining the final selling price.