3M ControlTac material is widely considered (and argued) to be the industry standard for vehicle wraps, fleet graphics and exterior, long term full color projects. ControlTac’s easy to apply air egress system, cast film conformability and forgiving adhesive formulation create a product that is fun & profitable to offer. All of this, in conjunction with the internationally known 3M name, has made it a popular choice for sign makers the world over.

Alternative, and competitive materials & laminates are also offered by Oracal, Avery, MacTac along with a host of other vinyl film manufactures. Please evaluate your own sign company’s needs and desires to provide products.

Calculator Assumptions for Vehicle Wraps (3M ControlTac 180C and 8519 Laminate):

  1. 3M ControlTac 180c for solvent printers (substrate) with 8519 Laminate
  2. 3M Perforated Film IJ8171 for solvent printers (substrate) with Optically Clear Laminate 8914
  3. Does NOT include any additional design / artwork which should be factored in as a value added service from a sign / design professional
 This free online sign calculator is intended for reference purposes only.  All professional sign businesses have varying overhead, material & labor costs and should adjust their pricing to account for local market factors as well as perceived value.  We advise that all sign companies consider their own particular costs as well as desired profits before determining the final selling price.