Sign Industry Blogs – The Ultimate List

The title of this entry Sign Industry Blogs – The Ultimate List is a little ambitious. I know we already talked about it but, hey, it bears repeating… Sign shops CAN blog to improve their online exposure just as effectively as any other graphics company, technical site, gaming enthusiast or “self-help” guru. I realize that I have talked about blogging before and I will probably talk about it again… after all, I enjoy it.
If you have spent any time on this particular site, you have probably come across my article entitled Promote Your Sign Shop With a Blog If you have taken the time to read this article then you know a little bit about blogs by now and, hopefully, you have spent some time searching for some good ones to read. Of course, I prefer that you spend some time heading back here to The Sign Expert but, honestly, I’m more concerned that you are able to find the online resources that YOU find the most useful for you sign business.
Since we are on the subject of “useful blogs” I decided to spend some time looking for some specific Sign Industry blog sites and compile an Ultimate List of other sign shop bloggers for you. I spent quite a bit of time online. I googled high & low, only to discover that good, regularly updated & pertinent sign industry blogs are both few and far between. As a personal note, I found it interesting that, while other industries and interests seem to have a blog site from every Tom, Dick & Nancy about their particular interests. There just do not seem to be many sign bloggers out there. I wonder why that is…?

BUT, despite the seemingly discouraging lack of of sign company blogs I was able to locate a few hidden gems that you all should find encouraging and useful for your sign business. These blogs are in no particular order… except for the first one.

1.Signs Never Sleep – The Lincoln Sign Company in New Hampshire appears to be the first serious sign shop blogger out there, so I believe they deserve the first spot. This blog concentrates the subject of their entries on the daily activities of a typical sign company. I find that the writing entertains with stories of actual sign projects as well as personal observations.
2.Graphics Workshop – Simply put, this is a great blog that I really enjoy reading. While the author has a sign company the articles are not strictly limited to sign subjects (which I don’t mind at all). I think the diversity of subject matter, combined with a creative writing style creates an esoteric (and fun) blend of truly interesting articles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
3.Super Cheap Signs – Despite the name, Super Cheap Signs seems to have a real heart for providing quality signs and service for their customers. This blog has some excellent ideas and insights on building your sign business, relating to clients and developing improved business systems for sign companies from a sign shop owner.
4.Balch Signs – This blog offers some interesting information regarding routed signs but has a tendency to spend a lot of time on personal events. In addition, the site does not seem to be updated on a regular basis. Despite all of that, I did enjoy reading the information currently available.
5.Sign A Day – an interesting and varied blog site that focuses the articles on the benefits regarding certain sign types. There are interesting facts and articles covering products such as vehicle graphics, electrical signs and digital prints etc.
6.Shane Durnford Design – This a very new site but one that any dimensional sign carver will enjoy. A talented artist, Shane spends quite bit of time showcasing custom carved elements and dimensional letter projects. Check out this blog and enjoy some beautiful examples of custom dimensional design.
7.Budget Sign – Located in St. Paul, Minnesota the Budget Sign & Graphics shop uses their blog to showcase projects, publish customer interviews, and provide testimonials for potential clients. This a nice example of direct to the public marketing for a sign company.

I’ve tried to supply a good range of resources here for you, but I am certain that there are more excellent sites out there that would be an incredible addition to this list. If you have a regularly updated blog (or know of a good one) please shoot me an e-mail to and let me know about your online gem.