Online Marketing for your Sign Business

Have you thought about what goes into marketing your sign business online? If you are reading this post then you are already an active member of the online community. Having access to the internet gives you power and through that power you might have found your way to this site through a link from a similar site. Maybe you followed a link from an e-mail you received or perhaps a trusted colleague told you about us. Chances are; however, that you found The Sign Expert .com thru a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN Search. If so, then you are witnessing the benefits of having an online marketing company that helps me improve the rankings of the web site on the big search engines.

To back up a bit, for years now we have seen more and more sign companies building their own web sites. I have seen simple text only sites (which desperately need to be updated or removed) and I have also seen incredibly complex and beautifully designed sites that do an excellent job of showcasing that particular sign shop’s capabilities. Of course there are sign supply web sites, sign equipment web sites, online forums / chat rooms as well as sign industry resources and governing bodies like the ISA (International Sign Association).

Regardless of what type of web site you have, I’m sure you would love to get more visibility for it. You can send out cards and brochures or you can list your website in your Yellow Pages ad. Of course you can tell all of your customers that you have a new site up and maybe offer them an incentive to take some time to visit the site. (posting their new sign project and linking to their page is always a welcome gesture).

What I find most often; however, is that few sign companies see much traffic at all to their site and even fewer see any sort of conversion of visitors to actual sales. (I personally enjoy closing 78% of my sales generated from my online leads but that’s another article) After a few months the web site gets abandoned and is rarely visited or updated… THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!

If you are a sign company that is serious about increasing your online visibility and improving your rankings in search engines like Google then I have a recommendation for you. Find an online company that specializes in getting your site listed with all of the search engines and then works to consistently increase your rankings in order to drive traffic to your site. I would recommend that you take a look at Axandra who can help you get top 10 rankings on Google & Yahoo with a excellent track record. So, jump right in and get started on improving those rankings.

Think about how many more contacts you can make and signs you can sell if you can just get targeted local customers coming to your web site. Hopefully you have read some of the other posts and have begun to work on learning about advertising your sign company and the value of offering free sign information to potential clients. As you begin to absorb this information and, more importantly, begin to apply it to your own sign business then you will begin to see promising and profitable improvements!