The basic vinyl sign shop requires skill and experience in installing vinyl graphics on a variety of substrates and surfaces. I have prepared a list of items that will be critical in putting together your production / installation kit.

I have always found it useful to have two full kits put together and available. One set of tools should be on hand for all of the shop work with easy access for all of your sign company employees. One completely separate set should be ready to grab at a moments notice to do field installations. It is important that these two kits stay complete and inviolate so, in my shop, the person who “borrows” an item from the travel install kit is immediately fired … (just kidding).

Here is the list of vinyl install tools & items for your sign shop (including an approximate cost)…

(Qty: 1) plastic install kit / box (Meijer, Target, Walmart etc.)
(Qty: 4) Spray Bottles (Lowe’s, Home Depot etc.)
(Qty: 1 gal) 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol
(Qty: 1 gal) Rapid Tac application fluid (sign supply)
(Qty: 1 gal) Window cleaner (no amonia)
(Qty: 1 gal) Rapid Remover (sign supply)
(Qty: 1 box) White Stabilo pencils (sign supply)
(Qty: 1 box) Blue Stabilo pencils (sign supply)
(Qty: 2) X-Acto knives/holders (sign supply)
(Qty: 1 box) #11 blades (sign supply)
(Qty: 2) air release tool (sign supply)
(Qty: 4) Lilí Chisler (sign supply)
(Qty: 3) 3M Gold Squeegees (sign supply)
(Qty: 2) Mactac felt squeegees (sign supply)
(Qty: 12) anti-scratch squeegee sleeves (sign supply)
(Qty: 1) 3M Edge Sealer 3950 pen (sign supply)
(Qty: 2 rolls) 2” masking tape
(Qty:1) rivet brush (sign supply)
(Qty: 1) RollePro rivet tool (sign supply)
(Qty: 1) large scissors (Staples)
(Qty: 1) Anodized metal safety ruler 26” (sign supply)
(Qty: 1) Anodized metal safety ruler 14” (sign supply)
(Qty: 1) 12” small metal art ruler (Staples, WalMart etc.)
$283.25 +/- Total Cost