Free Vinyl Ready clipart files

Hello all and welcome back to Today I do not have any hidden web gems or sales increasing marketing ideas BUT I am pleased to talk a little bit about our growing library of totally custom & original vinyl ready clipart images. A lot of you have been real appreciative of the vinyl ready art that was provided to us by Plotter Artâ„¢ Originals Collection and have found this resource practical & useful. As a result we have been slowly building additional images for our own library and posting free versions online that you can easily vectorize on your own or you can download the vinyl ready art for a very low price. So far the library has a myriad of categories including… Cats, Women, Children, Wild Animals, Airplanes / Helicopters, Cars and Athletes

There are additional categories in the works and the artwork will be added to the webpage as the group is complete and ready for you all to enjoy. As for the other categories we are doing, please take a look at the main clipart page for the list. Also, please feel free to e-mail in and suggest any additional categories or subjects that think might be useful to the other sign shops who visit.

The artwork itself is original work and is unique to the the design world should you decide to use it. You can feel comfortable that the images you use from here have not been added to some huge , one million images, clipart disk. In addition, all of the vector files are setup specifically for vinyl plotters / cutters and are ready to go with any design… no overlapping shapes, no super ragged edges and no double layers.

Good Luck & Take a step. (why do I sign-off this way?)

Author: Tim Evans
Copyright 2009 – All rights reserved. Do not reproduce or redistribute without express written permission.