Congrats!… your life is about to change

If you are reading this blog then the odds are you are in the sign industry. If so, a big congratulations are in order… you have taken the step that most never even reach. You took the chance and got in the game.

There are many individuals in this world who talk about starting a business. The number is considerably lower for those who take the first step in educating themselves about business in general. The number is drastically reduced even further for those who take active steps towards starting a specific service or business. You; however, have actually started a sign business. Nice.

Regardless of how you came to this point in your life, you are here with a wonderful opportunity to learn incredible things. Whether you have been in the sign industry for 20 years and have decided to strike out on your own OR you have recently purchased your first plotter. You have jumped into the world of business and your perception will forever be changed.

Here are my top 5 list of how starting a sign business can change your life.

1.You will experience, first hand, the laws of supply & demand. Capitalism at its best and worst and the laws of an open marketplace.

2.You will learn how money actually works in the real world. The most critical thing you will learn about finances is that they are nothing like what your school, friends and family all think they know.
3.You will learn about a variety of subjects that, working for someone else, you never needed to know. Taxes, law, marketing, sales, product development… you might even need to learn how to scrub toilets, tac weld an iron plate or make your own screen printing screens… you never know.
4.You will begin to realize that you now are the master of your own destiny. Whether you succeed or fail, the only person ultimately responsible is you. That can be a scary or exhilarating thought.
5.Once you begin to generate some success and additional capital, you can now begin to look for additional business opportunities that were never available to you before. Have you ever wanted to start in Real Estate, or start an online business? How about getting involved in a Network Marketing opportunity (highly recommended for sales training as well as building residual income streams)?

Your life will never be the same and you should be thrilled at the possibilities.

Once you learn the skills of business you can explore a world of opportunity.

Once you master the skills of selling… you can write your own ticket for the rest of your life.