Take a Step … (and no, I’m not telling you to step off)

Confucius is credited with the saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. While most us us have heard this before, and many have relegated it to cliche status, it does not change the underlying truth of the words. No matter what we do in life (or business) it all starts with that first step, and then we take another, and then another… eventually we do hit the thousand mile mark.

This website took its first step in October 2007 with the dream of providing the sign community at large with a useful, free, easy to use online resource. More specifically, this web site was started with a desire to help other sign shops along the difficult & challenging road of building a successful business. With that in mind, TheSignExpert.com took its first step, and then another and yet another until now we are here, almost a year later. I personally feel (of course I may be biased) that we have come along way towards building a useful and consistently growing resource for all of you.

As the site grew and more ideas came to fruition, information was added like How To Start A Sign Business and a whole collection of Sign Calculators to help visitors get quick prices for common sign products. You can now download a Free Sign Buying Guide to help you sell more signs and grab a collection of Free Sign Company Forms to help you get more organized. You now have a growing collection of vector ready clipart / vinyl ready clipart / plotter ready clipart that is being created and, of course, this blog that is published with articles and ideas for anyone who wishes to read them.

All of this has been built for you to use because, lets face it, this is not an easy industry to be in. The sign industry is not as simple as pecking away at a keyboard making cool designs to stick on a car nor is it a route to easy money. Here in the real world you have all have found that hard work, dedication to your craft and top notch design skills are simply not a guarantee of profits or success (despite a lot of opinions otherwise). What you have found is that those who are willing to continue learning about running a sign business AS a business usually set themselves apart and have a much higher chance of making it work.

This website was created for you.

You want to create a successful sign business and you want to be profitable, happy and respected business person your market. You want pertinent and useful information to help you succeed and you are convinced that you CAN succeed. Guess what, I am convinced you can succeed as well.

All of your goals can be achieved by taking just one step at a time, so in the words of the wise Confucius…

Take a step!