Signs and the Art of Zen

Oh, the curse of the modern sign professional… the economy is up… the economy is down. Sales are up… nope, sales are down. The vinyl for Bob’s project didn’t come in on time. That rush print has head strikes 90% into the job… No matter what, sometimes it just never seems to stop and the pressure keeps on building… and building… and BUILDING…

You know, sometimes us sign folk just need to sit back and relax.

While do I spend quite a bit of time here writing about how to reduce stress, build a sign business and generally try to make things easier for others, I deal with these stress factors just like everyone else.
Personally, after a particularly rough few weeks, it occurred to me to look for some kind of useful relaxation techniques or inspiring stories online. I spent quite a bit on time searching thru various websites, online articles and blogs without finding anything particularly interesting. Then I came across an interesting link titled 20 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life posted on the blog.

The short version of the list by author Leo Babauta includes such items as…

Identify Stressors
Eliminate Unnecessary Commitments
Avoid Difficult People
Simplify Life
Slow Down
Quit Work

… and plenty of other little tidbits made this specific article a great read and useful in many ways.

After getting hooked by Mr. Babauta’s initial article, I made a point of skimming thru his site to check out the other types of subjects he writes about. What I discovered was a great online blog that is well organized with a wealth of ideas for developing his Zen Habits. There are many posts about home, health, organization, finance and happiness as well as many more subjects that I feel are practical for the modern sign professional.

Short and to the point… check out ZenHabits and brighten your day.