Promote your sign shop with a blog

Is it possible to promote your sign shop with a blog? Can you actually sell more signs or improve your marketing approach by incorporating a blog into your online presence? I believe that the answer to this question is a resounding YES!

If you have spent any amount of time at all online, you have probably come across a reference or two for a BLOG. If you are unsure what I am talking about then look around… you’re reading one now. For a quick explanation, a blog is essentially a weblog or an online journal. Blogs can written by anyone and literally be about anything. From politics to technology, religion to cuisine, news, travel, websites, the aesthetic value of russian porcelain figurines… anything at all.

So how can you promote your sign shop with a blog and capture the power of blogging for your own sign business? What could you write about that could drive more potential customers to your website? Here are some suggestions for your consideration…

  1. Write about the sign industry in general and help other sign shops (this is my personal choice simply because I love to help other sign professionals in their day to day efforts)
  2. Write about your personal sign expertise, whether it’s hand carved dimensional signs, digital printing or high end electrical signs. By focusing on a particular type of sign you can help find customers who are looking for your specific knowledge & experience.
  3. Write about your sign projects and showcase your customer’s business. You get a double hit for this approach as you promote both your own blog AND you help your clients get some exposure for their organization.
  4. Write about sign techniques & tutorials for other sign companies to learn from.
  5. Write reviews about sign equipment and technologies.

WARNING: Whatever subject you choose to blog about be prepared to consistently update and add to your content. Blogging is somewhat time consuming and you need to be ready to devote a considerable amount of time researching & writing. As a personal bit of advice, pick a subject that you love and feel passionately about in order to keep your motivation up. Another reason for constant writing is, once you have repeat visitors to your blog, you definitely want to continue providing fresh new content and information in order to provide value in coming back for more. Blogging is not easy and taking the time to write (especially around running a sign company) can be difficult but rewarding.

If you want to start a blog, the most popular blogging tools around right now are TypePad and WordPress but there are also a wide variety of less popular, but just as useful, software available. By taking advantage of these powerful software solutions you can get your own personal sign blog up and running. Start blogging right now and help your sign shop (and the sign industry grow) grow.