Is your sign worth anything?

Now that I have your attention you should be thinking about that question. If you are having trouble selling your signs and services then you might be inadvertently communicating that your signs are NOT worth the money you want to charge.

Do you really believe that the sign you made will help your clients? Do you really believe that the designs you develop will improve their branding and help them establish a solid place in the marketplace? Do the signs you produce make the customer money? Heck, if you can prove that your signs have increased business for other businesses then you can almost write
your own ticket. (That was a hint to get some solid testimonials from your happy clients)
If you DO believe in your signs then STOP worrying about trying to close the sale with that new prospect who balks at spending a lousy $500 on their new business sign. For Pete’s sake… they want to sell $100,000 homes and seem to have trouble realizing that your sign is paid for a hundred times over if they sell just 1 house! (ok, ok, I’m calm now)

Now, if you are able to realize, and communicate, the VALUE of your signs then you will start to see your sales rates go up. If you start promoting the VALUE and BENEFIT of your signs then you begin to attract like minded customers… I guarantee it.

Remember, your signs are not a commodity. Stop playing that game and sell the VALUE of what you provide.