Is your sign business working for money or creating wealth?

Is my sign business working for money or creating wealth? Right about now you are saying… huh?

Did you know that there is a major difference between working for money and actually working to create wealth? More importantly, not only is there a difference between the two concepts but that difference will determine how you will live your life in the future. Did you know that a decision to work for money rather than wealth will ultimately keep you trapped in a life of fear, anger and frustration wondering why your shop never seems to provide the life you dreamed of?

So, the logical question here is what is the difference between working for money and working for wealth?

You are working for money if…

  1. Your income stops when you stop working or, in other words, your income is directly linked to how much work you do.
  2. Your primary concern is making a “paycheck”.
  3. Your sign shop closed tomorrow you would be quickly broke. It has been said that the average family is only three paychecks away from financial disaster.
  4. Your sole source of money is determined by how many signs you can sell & produce (whether individually or your whole company).
  5. You are only concerned with how much you can make next week or next month. If things are looking tough then your only solution is to sell and make more signs.
  6. You are more concerned with what your money can purchase rather than how your money can create more money. (If you have the “keeping up with the Jones syndrome”).
  7. You constantly have more month at the end of the money.

You are working for WEALTH if…

  1. You are willing to make the sacrifices today for the benefits next week, next month or next year.
  2. You understand that Profits are better than Wages.
  3. You are building long-term income thru a solid & systematized sign company. In other words, your sign business continues to run and generate an income for you regardless if you are there actually selling or making signs.
  4. You have taken the time to learn about alternative methods of generating income. This is for those of you who are taking steps to build income thru investing in real estate, purchasing rental properties, building a network marketing business or acquiring paper assets.
  5. You prefer (and actively work to build) automated income sources rather than being limited to what you can personally produce. You look for mechanisms that can generate income 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  6. You understand the importance of acquiring true assets (these actively put money IN your pocket) rather than buying liabilities.

In my opinion, if you are working in your sign shop just to pay bills, buy a new car or provide the means to buy the next big house then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. You have simply exchanged having a job (working for someone else) with owning a job (working for yourself). Owning and running your own sign business gives you a powerful device to aggressively generate money. This money can be the seeds that allow you to build other assets which can, in turn, create even more money for you.

Why would you waste such an opportunity to begin to build true wealth for the temporary pleasure of spending the money now? Why would you sacrifice the potential of gaining a financial freedom that few ever attain?

You CAN do it and you CAN begin to work for it now. Learn, read, ask questions and grow! Open your mind and begin to explore a world of business and financial education that you have never seen before.

Good Luck!