Choose a Name … and a logo, of course.

Every sign business needs a name right?  You can go with the ever popular ego boost and call your sign company “Bob’s Signs” (no offense to you Bobs out there).  You could focus on your service niche and use “Signs Right Away” or trend towards being incredibly impressive with “Interplanetary Signs and Designs”.

Whatever you are thinking for a name, you should stop for a moment and do some research.  Ask yourself some questions …

  1. Has the name has already been taken?
  2. Have you checked to see if you can get the .com version of your name (still preferable over the .net, .biz, and ,info versions) for your web site?
  3. Does your name really communicate what you are offering to your prospects (ENCO Enterprises Inc. might sound impressive but it does not really help you sell signs)?
  4. Can you design an impressive and effective logo to begin branding your new sign shop?  Can it be used on business cards, shirts, trucks, brochures, websites etc.?

Regardless of what you name you choose be sure to do some research and here are some tips to help.

  1. Check the local Yellow Pages for potential conflicts in your local market area.
  2. Go online to your state Attorney General’s site and run searches on existing Trade Names and Corporations.
  3. Go online and check out the available domains using sites like or
  4. Ask several friends and colleagues for an honest opinion on your choice.  You might discover that your new sign company name is saying something different than what you want it to … sorry Robert Diculous of R.E. Diculous Signs.


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