So, you want to start a sign business?

I don’t blame you at all.  Owning a sign shop can be a lot of fun and it has allowed me live a pretty full life.  I get to meet new people, design and create cool & useful signs, wine & dine prospective clients and travel to some pretty cool places.  Most of all … I get to color pretty pictures for a living … at least that’s what I tell the kids.

… but before you do anything … you should ask yourself some questions.  Why, exactly, do you want to get in the sign game?  Why do you want to own a sign shop?  Why do you want to start a sign business?  Do you want creative freedom?  Do you like the hands-on aspect of building signs?  Do you think that there is “easy money” in the sign industry?  Do you want to build a solid and stable small business to retire in?

Whatever your reasons are, until you know exactly WHY you are starting a sign company then it can be difficult to figure out if you’ve succeeded.

Alright, if you are still sure you want to get into the sign industry and you still have a dream to own your own sign shop, then read on.


 This website is not intended to be the all knowing, definitive work on starting a sign business.  After twenty five years in the sign industry I learn new things every day (that’s one of things I like about it).  This site is only intended to provide helpful information that, hopefully, will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and problems that can plague a typical sign company start-up.

Best of luck and keep checking back as we continue to expand the site and add more useful tools and information.