Did you ask for a referral?

Today you just completed a killer new sign project. It has your best logo designs, coolest color combinations and the finished install looks great. You’re happy with the final sign and the customer is just thrilled at how great it all looks just in time for the grand opening.

So, what do you do now?

If you are like most sign business owners or sign sales then you do what comes naturally…
get your final sign-off, collect the balance of the money due (you DID get a deposit), shake hands and head off to the next item for the day.

Guess what… you just wasted your number one chance for a great referral!

Whether you are involved in a small “mom and pop” sign business, a large national sign franchise chain or a big commercial sign company then you know how valuable referrals are. Think about it and consider what is easier…. cold-calling a new business or selling a fun new sign project to someone who has just heard a glowing testimonial for your company? Yes, the referral sale is almost a slam dunk!

So, if we all agree that referrals are important then what can you do to get MORE referrals for your sign business?

1.ASK for a referral
2.ASK for a referral
3.ASK for a referral

OK, I’m done being sarcastic BUT I am being serious about asking for that referral. What better time to get a excellent recommendation than to ask right when your client is the happiest? You just completed their project (We will assume that you did an excellent job and were pleasant to work with) and they should be more than happy to sing your praises. To “Strike while the iron is hot” is very applicable to this situation. Once the initial pleasure and excitement has worn off (about 20 minutes for a busy business owner) your chances of getting the best recommendation dwindles quickly.

So what exactly what should you ask for? How about…

1.Who do you know that could benefit from talking to me about their sign project, new business sign, new logo design etc.
2.Would you be willing to write a brief testimonial for our company (on letterhead) about your experience with us?
3.Would you be willing to mention us in your company blog?
4.Would it be OK if used your name & company as a reference for other interested prospects?

It’s not really that hard and, I know, that if you develop the habit of simply asking for the referral you will see your sales rise dramatically this year. So, go on, ask for the referral and watch your sign business grow.